We support our customers both in the development of new business ideas, building scalable models and innovative business cases / plans, and in improving operational activities, re-engineering the business processes in a digital key and ensuring compliance.

Digital Business Process Design

Business Process Re-engineering is a continuous process that allows an organization to go beyond traditional operations and embrace digital transformation, by:

  • process optimization, to improve document workflow, limit paper processes, make digital gaming and, of course, reduce costs
  • automation, including digital tools to transform their existing business processes through Business Process Automation (BPA)
  • analytics, to collect data from various sources, investigate the past and present, get insights through advanced reports and make the right decisions
  • big data processing, which uses the combination of structured and unstructured data to obtain new insight about the business




IT Governance

  • Digital Value & IT-business Alignment, to maximize the potential of digital solutions on the business value chain
  • IT Organization & process Improvement, to lead processes to deliver IT services to the Business with a view to flexibility, effectiveness and efficiency
  • IT Spending & Cost Management, to maintain cost and investment control
  • ROI, PPM & Program Management, Reporting/KPI, to lead strategic initiatives, projects and IT services in order to maximize the return on investments to stakeholders
  • Digital Skills & Training: towards a digital culture focused on service and innovation



  • Design, implementation and automation of Paper-less Management Systems and support for change (ISO 9001, 27001, 231, ISO 20000, etc)

  • GDPR GAP Analysis e Remediation: identification and measurement of regulatory, organizational and operational deviations (GAP) with respect to GDPR, and verification of compliance. Identification of priority areas of intervention and definition of the Remediation Plan aimed at reducing and remedying non-conformities





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